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Getting a flu shot can prevent some severe COVID-19 symptoms

We are at end of the year 2022 now, but still there is no covid 19 vaccination has been introduced for children below the age of 12, in India. It may take more time.

The second wave affected the adult and children both and now that most adults are either infected or vaccinated. Now definitely children are expected to be at a higher risk in the third wave. We, therefore, need to find ways of protecting children, or at least reducing the severity of the illness, as soon as possible.

 It has been suggested that the right prevention measures can work in mitigating the risk of the other disease as well. Influenza (flu) and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory diseases, but caused by different viruses. Both flu and COVID-19 vaccines work against different viruses.

It has been reported that getting timely flu shots may help prevent the severity of certain COVID symptoms, and aid recovery.

In children who are flu vaccinated it is observed that the flu shot is significantly effective. The flu vaccine can reduce the risk of severe outcomes with COVID for up to 120 days after vaccination.

Our pediatrician says that with rising cases of children being infected with Covid, the easily available flu vaccine can help reduce the risk of severe disease. Strict flu measures helped minimize the covid risk also.

Getting the flu shot will offer possible benefits like it can prevent the risk of hospitalization for children and will lead to a decreased need for Covid testing, decrease the healthcare burden, and not overburden healthcare resources. Vaccinating children with flu shots helps prevent infection risk and low infection severity among children in the possible third wave. Prevention of flu infection in children through vaccination saves their lives as well.

If your child is not vaccinated yet, then contact your nearby pediatrician or book an appointment with a Child Specialist Doctor in Noida. Here all the Vaccinations for Children in Noida are available under a Vaccination Discounts.


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