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The Insider’s Guide to Allergic Reaction Treatments

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Clinic for Baby Vaccination

Find out everything you need to know about baby vaccination and make informed decisions for your child well-being.

5 Tips for Taking Your Child to the Doctor

Dr. Vipin Jain at Kaashvi Medident is the best child doctor in Noida. he supports you and your child every step of the way. Book your appointment today.

10 Things you should know to take care of your infant

Master infant care with our top 10 essential tips! Learn to nurture your babies health and happiness. Click for expert advice on infant caregiving.

How to Protect Children from Illness Due to Season Changes?

Keep your kids healthy through the seasons! Discover proven tips to safeguard children from seasonal illness and boost their immunity today.

Needle-Free Injection Device: An Overview

Discover pain-free vaccination with the latest in needle-free injection technology. Say goodbye to needles and hello to comfort!

What is childhood asthma? An: Overview

Discover the causes, symptoms & management of childhood asthma. Breathe easy with our comprehensive guide on this common pediatric condition!

Why Vaccinations Are Important For Your Baby?

How to choose a Pathology Lab

Importance of Vaccinations and Immunizations

When it comes to safeguarding the health and well-being of our children, few medical interventions have been as transformative as vaccinations and immunisations.

Eczema in Children

Discover comprehensive guidance on Eczema in children - symptoms, causes, treatments & prevention. Empower your Childs skin health today!

Why New Parents Need a Pediatric Doctor for Newborn Care

Discover why new parents need a pediatrician for newborn care. Enhance your baby health and well-being with expert medical advice.

How to Keep Your Child Healthy During the Summer

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How to Increase Your Child Immune System Health

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Fibre – How important is it for Kids?

In the modern age of fast food and processed meals, ensuring that your child receives proper nutrition can be a challenging task.

How to Help the Constipated Kid?

Kaashvi MediDent, is essential. With their specialized expertise, you can ensure your child receives the appropriate care and support to overcome constipation and enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Tips to Avoid Falling Sick during Changing Seasons

if you have children, seek guidance from the Best Pediatrician in Noida, like those at Kaashvi MediDent, who can provide specialized advice to ensure your little ones stay healthy during seasonal transitions.

What to do when your baby is a Fussy Eater?

Dealing with a fussy eater can be challenging, but it is essential to approach the situation with patience, understanding, and positive reinforcement. Seeking guidance from the Best Pediatrician in Noida, Kaashvi MediDent.

What to eat and what not to for children less than 5 years of age

As parents, ensuring optimal nutrition for children less than 5 years of age is crucial for their growth and development. Here we will guide you through the dos and donts of their diet, offering valuable insights from child specialists In Noida

Tips to remember while co-sleeping with your baby

Sharing a bed with your baby, or co sleeping, can be a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship with your child. However, it is essential to take this time to look out for your child safety and well-being.


To maintain a childs well-being and lessen the effects of this chronic respiratory ailment, raising an asthmatic child necessitates particular care and consideration...….

All You Need to Know About Immunization

Immunization is crucial in safeguarding your child health and protecting them from a wide range of infectious diseases. By providing immunity against harmful pathogens...…

Questions You Must Ask Your Pediatrician

When it comes to the health and well-being of your precious little ones, choosing the right pediatrician is of utmost importance. At Kaashvi Medident you can find the best child specialist in Noida....

Know about Pneumococcal Vaccination

Pneumococcal bacteria (Streptococcus pneumoniae) primarily infect newborns, toddlers, and the elderly. Meningitis (inflammation of the brain lining), bloodstream infections, and pneumonia (infection of the lungs) are all caused by pneumococcus.

Diarrhea in children

When a child becomes ill, parents become very anxious. Diarrhea is a common issue in children under the age of five. Diarrhea occurs when children have very loose, watery, and frequent bowel motions. Most children get Diarrhea on frequently. It normally does not persist long and usually improves on its own.

Chickenpox in Children

The varicella-zoster virus is responsible for chickenpox. Chickenpox affects the majority of children at some point. Chickenpox is typically a mild sickness in children than in adults. Chickenpox generates a rash and can make children feel ill and drowsy.

Heat Rash in Babies

If you have any worries about your child heat rash, please contact your doctor. A heat rash might become more acute or infected in rare cases. That is why, if you have any concerns, you should always consult with your doctor. To treat the rash, your doctor may also prescribe a stronger anti-inflammatory cream. Doctors often recommend some of the possible oral medications. Visit Kaashvi Medident in Noida to see the paediatrician. Dr. Vipin Jain Child specialist in Noida provides comprehensive care for infants, and children.

Vaccines To Be Given Till The Age of 5

Following the recommended immunisation schedule is crucial because it helps protect newborns, children, and adolescents from illnesses that may be prevented. The recommended immunisation schedule may differ depending on where you live, your child health, the type of vaccine, and the vaccines available. Parents should make every effort to have their children vaccinated on time.

Common Respiratory Illnesses in Children

Infection is the major cause of respiratory problems in children. Most infections are caused by viruses, such as the common cold, but they can also be caused by bacteria. From the nose to the lungs, the infection can occur in any section of the airways......

Precautions For Cold and Flu Season

In the winter season, the body immunity becomes a little weak, and seasonal diseases grip the body quickly. Especially in this season, parents of children need to be more careful, because children immunity is less than that of adults. To avoid all these diseases, we are going to tell you some precautionary tips, by adopting which you can avoid diseases like cold and fever.

Why your child need a paediatrician?

Pediatricians are experts in the growth, development, and health of infants, kids, and teenagers. Pediatricians are well-versed in the numerous conditions that may have an impact on children health, welfare, behavior, and learning.

Jaundice in Infants

Infant jaundice is a condition where yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes usually appear between the second and fourth day after birth. Jaundice is a common condition in infants. It is affecting over 50 % of all newborns. In the majority of cases, jaundice disappears within 2 to 3 weeks. But jaundice, when persists longer than 3 weeks, may be an underlying condition.

How Air Pollution is Making Your Kids Health Worse?

Our children, deserve to breathe air that is free from toxic pollution. Air Pollution is still a surprisingly serious problem—and kids, whose lungs are still growing, are most at risk. Asthma, bronchitis, lung infections, and heart disease are just a few of the problems that caused by air pollution.


If you notice an infection on your baby’s skin, such as pus-filled blisters, sores, or yellowish-orange crusts on the skin, immediately see the doctor. If you have questions about how to care for your baby’s eczema, make an appointment to see a board-certified Best Child Doctor in Noida.


As soon as the winter season strikes, it brings many flu-like problems. Children whose immune system is weak, have more problems in the winter season. Ask them to keep their hands clean to make sure they don not get the flu. Never touch the nose or ears. Giving them plenty of lukewarm liquid and enough sleep and fresh food can also be very beneficial.

Know the symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Bronchitis in Children

In the initial stage, you may see symptoms similar to those of a common cold, such as sore throat, chest congestion, lethargy, runny nose, chills, chest pain, mild wheezing and mild fever, dry cough that causes green mucus is formed which later turns yellow.

HEPATITIS Preventions and Treatments

Get your child vaccinated against hepatitis. Hepatitis B Vaccine is recommended by WHO for Children from Newborn to 18 Years. Hepatitis B Vaccine is safe and effective. Along with this immediately consult a doctor if the symptoms of the disease appear in the child, negligence in this disease can be fatal.

Winter Care Tips for your Newborn

If you are a new parent and are unsure about the best and proper ways to look after your newborn during the winter, we will discuss how parents should give extra-special attention to their newborn.

Skin prick Test: About your Child test

When a child is suffering from seasonal allergies or regular allergic reactions, then it is a good idea to take him or her to see a paediatric first, they can suggest you see a professional allergist if the allergy of your child has become worsened.


Polio drops are usually given to a newborn baby at birth, so they protect the baby in the beginning. The first dose of polio injection is given six weeks after birth. IPV is sometimes given as a combined vaccine, so this vaccine protects against many diseases.


If your child is facing any issues which are hampering his health and growth visit Kaashvi Medident to see the Best Pediatrician in Noida for children care. Book an appointment with the top child specialist in Noida.


If you see any of these symptoms in your child, see the Best Child Specialist in Noida Dr. Vipin Jain. He is a highly trained doctor who treats all minor to chronic health conditions such as Bronchial Asthma, Allergic Disorders, Short Stature, Obesity, and Nutritional Disorders, Vaccination, Skin Allergy, etc.


If your child has any special needs or health issues, you can consult the Child Doctor in Noida, It is important to notify special needs of treatment. Before performing the test you need to know about, the test, its effect, and its requirement.


In the case of mental health, the renowned pediatrician in Noida Dr. Vipin Jain says Consider help if your child’s behavior or the above mention symptoms persists for a few weeks or longer.


For parents, it is important to care that they are eating a healthy diet including fruits, nuts, and vegetables. During monsoon make sure them wear full sleeves when they are going out to play and ensure they wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly from time to time


Timely vaccination is critical, as an immunization schedule is designed to provide children with immunity early in life before they may be exposed to life-threatening diseases are still a threat.


To prevent children from getting sick during the summer, let do not go them outside during the afternoon from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. The scorching summer heat can make your child feel fatigued and even increase the risk of sunstroke and other heat-related issues.

Behavioural disorders in children

We all know that raising children is difficult, and raising stubborn, impudent, obstinate, angry children can be life-disrupting. Many times you may have seen that some children abuse, tend to fight, have arguments, violent, being finicky, with their parents or their siblings or friends.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Babies are vulnerable and they could not accept these changes and fall sick. We are seeing around that while the cases related to covid-19 are increasing rapidly, the diseases like flu, cold, and dengue are also increasing very fast.

Pneumonia in infants and children

Pneumonia can occur after a cold or flu, especially in the winter season. It is caused by viruses and bacteria.

Getting a flu shot can prevent some severe COVID-19 symptoms

The second wave affected the adult and children both and now that most adults are either infected or vaccinated. Now definitely children are expected to be at a higher risk in the third wave. We, therefore, need to find ways of protecting children, or at least reducing the severity of the illness, as soon as possible.

Childhood Asthma

Dr. Vipin Jain is the Best Pediatrician in Noida at Kaashivi Medident is dedicated to providing top-quality treatment and satisfaction to the children at all times.

Common Monsoon Diseases and Tips for Prevention

During this season, special care should be taken for the health of your children because the risk of many types of germs and viruses increases in this season and invites many diseases.

10 Tips for preparing healthy baby food

On boarding on the best child doctor in Noida, Dr. Vipin Jain shared that your baby can be introduced to solids in several ways. Many parents opt for baby-led weaning.

Constipation in children

When adults are troubled by constipation, they can tell others, but when children feel the symptoms of constipation, they are unable to tell anyone. Sometimes the child is afraid to have a bowel movement that will hurt him; he may try to avoid it.

Bathing your baby

while bathing your baby you have to be more careful as their body is so much soft to hold. You have to take care of sensitive body parts as well like nose, eyes, ear, mouth, neck and fingers.

Breastfeeding and Measles Immune

Child Specialist in Noida says, ‘MMR vaccine is safe, and it is very effective at preventing measles’. But like any medicine, Vaccines can have side effects. Most babies who get MMR vaccine do not have any serious problems with it. In fact getting MMR vaccine is much safer than getting measles.

Save your child from Delhi smog

The Best Pediatrician in Noida says that Children seem to be most vulnerable to the harmful effects of air pollution they inhale a higher volume of air per body weight than adults.

Monsoon Preventive tips for Kids by Dr. Vipin Jain

According to the Child Specialist in Noida, DrVipin Jain, if proper care is taken along with an appropriate diet, we can prevent certain infections in children.

What is Seizure?

According to Child Specialist in Noida, ‘It is important to understand how to properly take a seizure medicine’. Time duration can be different for any type of seizure.

Why vaccinations are important for children ?

Your baby needs to get all the vaccines, and if you want to have fewer injections then the combined vaccine may be good for you to reduce the total number of vaccines the child receives.



Medical profession is not only sickness oriented, we can help you in prevention of numerous infections/disorders.

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