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10 Tips for preparing healthy baby food

The day will come when your munchkin will be ready for an exciting milestone: eating solids for the first time!

On boarding on the best child doctor in Noida, Dr. Vipin Jain shared that your baby can be introduced to solids in several ways. Many parents opt for baby-led weaning.

Some families prefer to introduce solids by spoon-feeding mashed or puréed fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins to their baby.


A healthy meal can be developed in 10 simple ways.

1.) You should offer the baby food 1-3 times a day. When your baby feels comfortable, it's important to advance the texture.

2.) Your four-month-old baby should be fed some solid foods from now on because pediatricians in Noida recommend that you accustom your baby to eating solid foods.

Make your meals healthier by using bananas, avocados, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, and pears.

Make sure they are mashed to a fine paste so they can be easily swallowed.

You can prepare these foods in the form of soups or juices for your child, and they're packed with vitamins, proteins, and iron.

3.) six-month baby food - Breast milk and a completely liquefied diet may not be sufficient for your baby's needs at this stage. Mild solids may be introduced slowly, without completely mashing them. Prepare rice, pulses, and vegetables in a semi-solid form. It will provide the nutrients needed for positive growth. 

4) After eight months, your baby may continue to be fed the same solid foods with the addition of some external milk and dairy products in limited quantities. 

It is possible for him to eat more solid food, but the texture should remain very soft.

5.) The baby food for twelve months can now have mild spices in it. Many spices and herbs contain properties that can reduce stomach ulcers and improve digestion, such as turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and garlic.

6.) Constant supply of milk - A constant supply of milk, preferably mother's milk, must be provided along with solid food. Breast milk contains nutrients that help build immunity from an early age.

7.) Always seek advice from your local child specialist, such as don't leave food out at room temperature for more than an hour; eat cold and warm foods at the same temperature. Don't eat food if you're unsure of its freshness.

8.) Be sure that all ingredients like cheese and dairy products are pasteurized. If they're raw, they might contain infection-causing bacteria

9.) As your baby gets older and becomes accustomed to more foods, you can gradually start giving her what others in the family eat, after being smashed.

10.) Always ensure your baby is in intake of all the necessary nutrients you are feeding, if it       shows any kind of allergy make sure you visit a nearby child specialist doctor

For best health diet tips for your child, you may also consult Dr. Vipin Jain, best child doctor in Noida. He will provide the best diet tips out of his experience to make your young ones healthy.


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