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Worldwide, 10% of children experience a mental disorder, and mental health conditions, such as childhood epilepsy, developmental disabilities, depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders, are major causes of illness and disability among young people. In normal situation, all children are sad, anxious, irritable, or aggressive at times, or they occasionally find it challenging to sit still, pay attention, or interact with others. but if there is any symptoms that are reaching to the extreme condition can be a sign of mental disorder.


Many times children feel alone, as well as their skills and mental development are not done properly. This leads to abnormal behavior in them later on. More likely to develop mental illness by remembering the same thing for a long time or thinking about the same thing continuously. Some more symptoms show they are dealing with mental illness.

  • Frequent tantrums
  • Intensely irritable
  • Often think about fears or worries
  • Frequent stomachaches or headaches without  known medical cause
  • Hyperactive and cannot sit quietly
  • Sleep too much or too little or seem sleepy during the day
  • Not interested in playing with other children
  • Difficulty making friends
  • Struggle academically
  • Repeat actions or check things many times
  • Fear that something bad may happen


The mental health of the children mostly depends on the quality of the environment where they grow up shapes their well-being and development. The factors such as negative experiences in homes, schools, coaching, the violence of a parent or other caregiver, bullying, and poverty, increase the risk of mental illness.

If the mental health and psychosocial development of children do not address on time then the consequences extend to adulthood and limit opportunities for leading fulfilling lives.

Medical assessment

Children may benefit from an evaluation and treatment but the majority of them do not seek help or receive care. These mental health conditions can prevent children from reaching their full potential for the rest of life. When they become an adult, it reflect on the impact of mental disorders on their childhood and they seeks mental health treatment and wish they had received help sooner.

In the case of mental health, the renowned pediatrician in Noida Dr. Vipin Jain says Consider help if your child’s behavior or the above mention symptoms persists for a few weeks or longer. The disorder causes distress for your child or your family; or interferes with your child’s functioning at school, at home, or with friends. If your child’s behavior is not normal, or if your child hurt themselves or someone else, seek help immediately.


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