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Behavioural disorders in children

We all know that raising children is difficult, and raising stubborn, impudent, obstinate, angry children can be life-disrupting. Many times you may have seen that some children abuse, tend to fight, have arguments, violent, being finicky, with their parents or their siblings or friends. This kind of behavioural disorder affects children’s overall growth and mental phenomena. 


Symptoms of child behaviour disorder

The child gets angry quickly and starts using their hands and feet in anger

Feeling difficulty moving from one activity to another immediately

Blaming others for your mistakes or failures

Being moody

Sleep problems

Inability to concentrate

Not being able to sit still in one place

Teasing other kids

Unwillingness to play together or work in groups

Do not obey the rules

Using foul language

Damage or break the things

Attention lover

Types of disorders

A behavioural disorder is a psychological problem associated with children. It is important to know and understand what kind of behavioural problems occur in children.

These may include:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Adhd)

Oppositional defiant disorder (Odd)

Autism spectrum disorder (Asd)

Anxiety disorder


Bipolar disorder

Learning disorders

Conduct disorders

What parents should do to overcome these problems?

The behavioural disruptions are directly related to their surroundings, nutritional deficiency, lifestyle or routine, emotional and mental pressures. It may be your child is just going through a stage, or if something is wrong isn’t always that easy.  Parents are required to have a lot of tolerance, patience, humility, and flexibility in the upbringing of such children.

The parents need to pay attention to the behaviour of the child so that in the future he does not have to face any kind of trouble due to behaviour and habits

Children with behaviour problems have an energy level of those children is higher than that of normal children. Therefore, their activities should be focused in such a way that they enjoy and feel mental calm.

Parents are required to show sympathy, a cooperative attitude, and a calm temperament with their children.

When going for Medical help?

Raising children with behavioural problems isn’t easy. Such behaviour of children usually starts to become normal by the age of 11-15 years. But if it is found abnormal, then it is better to take counselling before you rush to diagnose them or turn into a strict disciplinarian, reach out for help. They may begin displaying symptoms of a disorder that could be diagnosed later in childhood.

According to Best Pediatrician in Noida or Child Specialist in Noida, if your child’s behaviour becomes disruptive or if they become violent, talk to a professional. Your Pediatrician can provide awareness into whether your child’s behaviour is normal for their age, and provide resources for help.


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