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Winter can be a tough time for both kids and adults, No matter how much you protect your child but they get easily caught by winter diseases whether it is only cold cough, or chills. Especially children have many problems in winter. In winter we need more to take care of them. Knowing the signs and symptoms can also help you determine whether or not a visit to the pediatrician is needed.

Flu problem

As soon as the winter season strikes, it brings many flu-like problems. Children whose immune system is weak, have more problems in the winter season. Ask them to keep their hands clean to make sure they don't get the flu. Never touch the nose or ears. Giving them plenty of lukewarm liquid and enough sleep and fresh food can also be very beneficial.

Sore throat

Sore throat is common in winter. Often children are affected by throat problems during this season. Due to viral infection, the problem of sore throat increases. To avoid this problem, gargling with lukewarm water can be beneficial.


Asthma patients may aggravate in winter naturally. Because having a sore throat, phlegm can cause difficulty in breathing. Children suffering from asthma also need to be careful during the winter season. Severe asthma attacks require emergency treatment or hospital care. Early diagnosis can help your child.

Ear Infection

Extreme cold and humidity in the winter season can also be an invitation to ear infections. An ear infection is a common problem of cold. it is important to recognize it as soon as possible. Clogged ears and pain accompanied by itching are the primary symptoms of an infection-related problem.


Tonsils refer to inflammation of the two oval tissues at the back of the throat. This inflammation results in enlarged tonsils with burning and pain in the throat, which can further make swallowing food and water a painful experience. According to medical experts, viruses and bacteria t in the air are the primary contributors to tonsil infections.

When to see a doctor?

Parents are advised to be sure to watch their child’s activity levels and appetite. If they are lethargic, have a high fever, are barely eating, and/or are dehydrated, it’s time to see your pediatrician. If you are looking for the best pediatrician in Noida, fix an appointment with Dr. Vipin Jain. He is dedicated to providing top-quality service and satisfaction.


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