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Chickenpox in Children

The varicella-zoster virus is responsible for chickenpox. Chickenpox affects the majority of children at some point. Chickenpox is typically a mild sickness in children than in adults. Chickenpox generates a rash and can make children feel ill and drowsy.


A rash that develops into itchy, fluid-filled blisters and then scabs is the most typical symptom of chickenpox. The rash usually appears initially on the face, chest, and back, then spreads to the rest of the body.

  • High temperature (fever), aches, and headache
  • Loss of appetite or feeding problems.
  • feel tired and irritable
  • be itchy

Chickenpox infection

Chickenpox is highly contagious, making it extremely contagious. A person infected with chickenpox is highly contagious. It is transferred through direct contact with someone who has chickenpox, particularly by touching the liquid from the blisters. Chickenpox is also transferred through the air by fluids coughed or sneezed into. The virus travels from person to person through the air.

Nine out of 10 persons who have never had chickenpox will get it if they are exposed. After contracting the virus, symptoms appear between 7 and 21 days (most typically 10-14 days) (the incubation period).


Adults are at a higher risk of major problems. Severe problems are uncommon, but they are more common in children with weakened immune systems. Chickenpox, in particular, can pose major difficulties for both mother and baby during pregnancy.


A vaccination is meant to safeguard against the virus that causes chickenpox. It is included in the regular childhood immunization program. Although being immunized against varicella (chickenpox) dramatically reduces your child's chances of contracting the virus. Children who have been immunized but still contract chickenpox will have a milder form of the virus, with a less severe rash, a lower fever, and a faster recovery.

When to see a doctor

You should take your child to see a pediatrician if:

  • they get a large, sore, red rash, which may indicate a bacterial infection
  • they become increasingly unwell, very drowsy
  • have a high fever or are not drinking
  • your child has a skin problem like eczema

You may need to speak to a pediatrician for advice on which creams you can use on your child’s rash. Children with a very severe infection or with underlying serious medical conditions may be given anti-viral medication if they have been exposed to chickenpox. Treatment aims to ease symptoms until the illness goes on. Full recovery is usual in children aged under 12 years.

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