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Common Respiratory Illnesses in Children

Infection is the major cause of respiratory problems in children. Most infections are caused by viruses, such as the common cold, but they can also be caused by bacteria. From the nose to the lungs, the infection can occur in any section of the airways. Respiratory infection in children, particularly neonates, and infants, must be treated quickly since the illness in small children can worsen much faster than in adults. The most common cause of cardiac arrest in children is respiratory arrest. Some common respiratory conditions are:


Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by viruses or bacteria with symptoms of Fever and it shows some other symptoms such as:

Coughing with mucus

Fast breathing with shortness of breath



Nausea and vomiting or diarrhea

Some chronic conditions such as asthma, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes can make a child more vulnerable to getting pneumonia.


 In children, asthma is a frequent condition. Asthma constricts the lung's airways. This makes breathing in and out difficult for children. Common asthma signs and symptoms in children include:



whistle-like sound when exhaling

Trouble breathing or shortness of breath

A tight, uncomfortable feeling in the chest




 Cystic Fibrosis

 Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that causes an increase in mucus production and thickness, which can lead to recurrent infections. The goal of respiratory treatment is to assist your child in removing any excessive secretions. This improves their breathing quality and makes them less susceptible to infections.

 Chest infections

 Children are prone to chest infections, which can sometimes progress to Pneumonia. Children suffering from recurrent chest infections or pneumonia may benefit from treatment.

 Neurological and Development problems

 Children with developmental issues may have immature lungs. This can result in poor breathing quality, secretion accumulation, and recurring infections. Treatment can assist children with developmental issues in maintaining their respiratory quality and clearing their secretions.


 Treatment along with therapy may be recommended in chronic lung disease for children with premature lungs to improve their neurological outcome, maximize recovery and reduce long-term respiratory complications.

If your child is showing symptoms of a respiratory disease you should arrange an immediate appointment with your pediatrician. If you are worried that your child might have asthma or another respiratory condition, then you can make an appointment with The Best Child Doctor In Noida Dr. Vipin Jain a Pediatric Asthma and Allergy Diagnosis and treatment specialist to get advice on managing asthma, treating respiratory infections, or a diagnosis for respiratory symptoms. Our Best Pediatrician In Noida Dr. Vipin Jain at Kaashvi Medident, Noida has experience treating a wide variety of respiratory conditions in children.

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