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How Air Pollution is Making Your Kids Health Worse?

Our children, deserve to breathe air that is free from toxic pollution. Air Pollution is still a surprisingly serious problem—and kids, whose lungs are still growing, are most at risk. Asthma, bronchitis, lung infections, and heart disease are just a few of the problems that caused by air pollution. Everyone suffers when they breathe poisonous air, but children and older people are at more risk. According to information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), 93% of children under the age of 15 worldwide breathe air that is contaminated, increasing their risk of contracting serious illnesses.

Air pollution is detrimental to childhood

In India, 93% of children under 15 cannot grow up in a clean and healthy environment. Many babies breathe polluted air from their first breath. Air pollution negatively impacts a child’s physical health, education, and play. These factors are detrimental to brain development and contribute to mental health and behavioral issues.

Risk for the unborn child

Children may be affected even before birth. Premature birth and low birth rates are more common among pregnant women who are exposed to polluted air. In addition, air pollution might occasionally cause asthma attacks and harm neonates' cognitive and neurodevelopmental growth. The risk of developing chronic diseases later in life is higher for children who are exposed to high levels of air pollution from an early age.

Risk for Infants, toddlers, and young children

For many reasons, children are especially at risk. Children typically spend more time outside than adults do, and their developing lungs have delicate tissues. They also breathe in more polluted air there because they are often more active there. Exposure to air pollution at a young age can hinder lung growth, slow brain development, and increase the risk of illnesses like asthma. The chemicals in polluted air can affect children's developing bodies.

Worse health effects of air pollution

Additionally, it was discovered that air pollution raised the likelihood of developing certain illnesses such as lung cancer, heart disease, and severe respiratory infections. Pneumonia is the leading cause of childhood death worldwide, killing almost one million children under the age of five each year.

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