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Rain brings relief from the hot weather, but with it also comes the risk of infections. there is a lot of humidity in the air that promotes the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses. Infection through water, food, and mosquitoes becomes normal.

 Children may be tempted to indulge in street food to enjoy rainy days, and love to play outside. This may put them at risk of infection. The change in climate during the monsoon season increases the risk of a variety of water, food, and mosquito-borne diseases. Dr. Vipin Jain, Paediatrics & Neonatology, Kaashvi Medident, Noida, tell about the common monsoon ailments that children may suffer from:

Mosquito-borne diseases

Dengue, malaria, and chikungunya are widespread during humid weather. The symptoms of the disease are high fever, severe body pain, rashes, vomiting, and abdominal pain. In the case of dengue, the patient would require immediate medical attention.

Food and water-borne diseases

The houseflies and small insects contaminate water and food items. And consumption of contaminated food and water can lead to diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea, and dysentery. The symptoms of typhoid and diarrhea are fever and abdominal pain while in dysentery there is abdominal cramping and blood in the stool.

Hepatitis (Hepatitis A, E) can impact the liver and exhibit signs like vomiting and jaundice accompanied by fever.

Fungal skin infections

Fungal infections are very common because bacteria and fungus grow on every surface that we touch. Apart from skin diseases like scabies, fungal skin infections can also occur due to moist clothing and wet footwear. Common symptoms are rashes, blisters, small pokes filled with water, and pus.

Common cold and flu

During the monsoon due to the weak immunity people and kids get infected by flu and cold easily. This is accompanied by fatigue, fever, and body ache and generally lasts for less than a week.

Allergies and asthmatic conditions

The monsoon weather may increase or make severe the asthmatic conditions. Allergies get spread due to humidity, fungus growth, and pollen present in the environment.

For parents, it is important to care that they are eating a healthy diet including fruits, nuts, and vegetables. During monsoon make sure them wear full sleeves when they are going out to play and ensure they wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly from time to time.

Common illnesses during monsoons can lead to more serious problems like severe dengue or pneumonia if the treatment is delayed. Consulting a pediatrician or visiting a Best Pediatrician in Noida as soon as the symptoms are visible is important.


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