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What is phimosis?

Phimosis is the medical term used for a tight foreskin, where the foreskin of the skin on the penis becomes very tight and cannot retract from the penis.

This is normal in newborns and young children, but in older children, it can be due to a skin condition that causes scarring. Usually, when the child is two years old, the skin of the penis is normal. After the age of two, the skin over the penis automatically separates from the penis.

 Infections can scar the foreskin of the penis in a child, which might make the skin less stretchy. The tough tissue can make it hard to pull it back. . If the skin on your baby's penis isn't ready to detach from the tip and go down, you shouldn't try to force it. This can cause damage and aggravate the problem.


If there is itching, swelling, or redness around the upper skin of the penis, or sometimes there is also a thick discharge from this skin, then it may be Phimosis. It is not a serious disease in very small children and can be cured only by cleanliness.

Diagnosis and treatment

If symptoms start showing in your child of age 10 or more, then you need to see a doctor. Treating this itching or infection will end this problem. The doctor examines phimosis with the help of a physical examination of the child. To check for the presence of bacteria, he will ask for a urine test.

For treatment they may recommend:


A steroid cream that you apply to your foreskin several times a day for several weeks. This can loosen the skin. Sometimes antibiotics may be needed.

A partial or full circumcision

If the skin of the penis is becoming hard due to Phimosis, then surgery is needed. This can be done either by circumcision (surgery to remove the skin over the penis) or surgery to remove the glued skin (the area where the foreskin is attached to the penis). Removal protects the skin on the upper part of the penis, but it may not prevent the problem from recurring.

For prevention, it is important to maintain cleanliness to avoid infection and reduce your chances of getting phimosis.

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