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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The threat of the COVID pandemic and the ever-changing climate has given rise to many viral and other types of infections that have become especially dangerous for children. Babies are vulnerable and they could not accept these changes and fall sick.  We are seeing around that while the cases related to covid-19 are increasing rapidly, the diseases like flu, cold, and dengue are also increasing very fast.

The risk of diseases related to other types of respiratory infections has also increased along with flu. Although the symptoms of all these are almost the same, it is important to understand them closely and take proper measures.

Flu is contagious


The flu virus is transmitted from one child to another through sneezing or coughing. The virus can live for a long time on surfaces, door handles, toys, pencils, keyboards, mobiles and most of everything of use. If your child touches surfaces that has been touched by an infected person and then touches their mouth, eyes, nose then your child will also be vulnerable to the flu virus. It can also spread through shared water and utensils.



What are the symptoms of baby flu?

Although, Influenza is a respiratory disease but can affect the whole body. The child may fall sick suddenly without any symptoms. It can be complicated to tell whether your child has the flu. Headache, sore throat, runny nose, excessive cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, suffering from 103-degree fever are the symptoms of the disease. The disease strikes rapidly and is more severe than a cold. The child usually feels unwell for two or three days in the infection of the flu.

Prevention from flu

  • When the weather changes, most of the parents start covering their child with layers of cloths. And because the weather moderates day by day, so they feel cold sometimes sweat. Then they put off the clothes. This condition invites the virus to get active. So put the clothes according to the weather so that body can adjust.
  • Flu takes 5-7 days to cure. In the initial days, you can use some home remedies like kadha or vaporizer. If your child is not getting easy in-breath or having cough congestion or feeling temperature then consult the doctor.
  • Parents should take care of babies' food also. It also invites flu. Give them lukewarm water, soups and freshly coocked food. Restrict oily, fried, and packaged food.
  • Do not allow children to go near any infected person.
  • Ensure children have taken flu shots. Vaccination saves them from serious conditions of Influenza and covid symptoms.
  • You can ask for some preventive medicines for babies. Take all precautionary measures to save from the flu.


Ask your pediatrician or our child specialist Dr. Vipin Jain about your child’s welfare questionnaire. Best Child Doctor provides comprehensive care for infants and children. He has a motto to lay a strong foundation in childhood as healthy kids grow into healthy adults.


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