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Save your child from Delhi smog

Everyone knows the condition of Delhi’s pollution. It’s terrific! In some surveys, it is showing that one day of smog in your breath is equal to forty cigarettes. Now you can think how much it affects our lungs as well as body. In such condition when it is hard to take a breath, everyone’s health is affecting including children. Children are so delicate for any pollution and infections.  They need extra care.

The Best Pediatrician in Noida says that Children seem to be most vulnerable to the harmful effects of air pollution they inhale a higher volume of air per body weight than adults.

Here are some tips on how to protect your child from air pollution:

1. Check daily News for air pollution forecasts in your area.

2. Avoid your kids to exercise outdoors when pollution levels are high.

3. Also, avoid exercising near high-traffic areas.

4. Talk to your child's school to reduce exposure to school bus emissions.

5. Ask your children to use high protection masks when they step outdoors.

6. Let your child take a bath twice a day and they should change their clothes when they return home from outside.

7. Ensure No one smoke indoors and support measures to make all public places tobacco-free.

8. Kids need to strengthen their immunity. They should be given enough foods rich with antioxidants to protect the body.

9. For newborn babies, breastfeeding is essential. It gives them a lot of immunity and keeps them protected from diseases.

10. Breathing exercises are a good way to prevent respiratory diseases.

11. If you take your baby for a walk outside, then you should avoid busy highways.

12. Limit the amount of time your child spends playing outdoors if air quality is poor.

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