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What is Seizure?

The seizure is a chronic disease in newborns or children. In newborns, it may be very different from toddlers, school-going children, and adolescents. A sudden symptom of Seizure in a child, who has never had one, can be terrifying to the parents or caregiver.
It happens when the brain functions abnormally. It can be resulting in a change in movement, attention, or level of awareness. Seizures are of different types and may occur in different parts of the brain. It may be affecting only a part of the body or the whole body.
How Long Do Children Need Seizure Medicine?
There are a wide number of drugs available for treating epilepsy in children.  Medicines become advance in the past years have made a difference. Seizure medications do not cure seizures, they only control seizures. Different medicines of seizure work differently like some medications control for specific types of seizures and some medications work to control a wide variety of seizure types.
According to Child Specialist in Noida, ‘It is important to understand how to properly take a seizure medicine’. Time duration can be different for any type of seizure.
It is important to know the brand name and generic name, the dose, and when to take the medication. For example, some medications are given once a day while others are given twice or three times a day. And ask your Best Pediatrician in Noida the possible side effects of the medication and any necessary blood tests while on the medication is helpful.
Meet your Nearby Child Specialist Doctor and consult him about the medication. The Best Child Specialist in Noida Dr. Vipin Jain is an expert child specialist.


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